Woodland Oak 6mm 7 1/8″ Vinyl Plank

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7 1/8″ wide

Limited 25 Year Residential Warranty

Limited 10 Year Commercial Warranty

23.74 sq/ft per box

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The Republic Pure SPC MAX Flooring Revolution in Your home!

The rustic, homey ambience of a country estate blooms to full life with every floor in the Republic Pure SPC MAX Wood Oak collection.  But while it exudes Old-world cozy warmth, it’s 100% waterproof, giving you quality, strength and durability unlike any flooring ever made.

The beauty of its exotic wood surface hides a floor that virtually never wears out.  Its core is 40% more dense than any SPC floor made anywhere, so it never shrinks or expands, giving you stability that will last as long as you own the floor – and then some.

Republic Pure SPC MAX

MAXimum strength, MAXimum durability, MAXimum stability, MAXimum style

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Valley Oak, Canyon Oak, Southern Oak, Bear Oak, Arizona White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Post Oak